Course Details:


  • Course Opens - 12/22/22
  • 1st Live Session - 1/30/23
  • Live Session Dates - 1/30/23 to 3/27/23
  • You have access to course content until 12/23/23


  • Prerecorded ‘lecture/teaching’ videos with topics coming up for review and discussion in our
  • Live zoom sessions – Saturday 8:00-10:00 AM PST. You will be able to access the recordings of these if you are unable to attend live
  • Live Book Discussion (not 12-step) – Tuesdays 12-1 PM PST. Optional
  • Live “On the Mat’ – Monday 7:30-9 AM PST
  • Live 12-step recovery – Sundays 8:00 AM PST all fellowships together, open meeting (no teaching just sharing). Optional

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Healing the Habits that Bind - 2022-2023

Unpacking the 6 Tenets of YoR: Two by Two
(2 Tenets at a Time)

Over this 21-week online series of Creative Self-Inquiry, look at the roots of our addictive behaviors. Treat the Roots not the Symptoms. It is the nature of humans to create narrative. As healers we allow the story to be told, listen deeply, then help re-weave the story

Here are the 6 Tenets of YoR:
  1. Life is Longing (Sep–Oct 2022)
  2. Life is Relationship (Sep–Oct 2022)
  3. Life is Sweet (Nov–Dec 2022)
  4. Life is Love (Nov–Dec 2022)
  5. Life is Prana (Jan–Mar 2023)
  6. Life is Progress (Jan–Mar 2023)