Seeking Union and Seeking Connection - honoring our ancestors - building resilience, ancestor ritual, ACE, Addiction as Attachment Disorder, what are we devoted to? How do we practice our devotion? Returning to traditional rituals or creating new ones.


  • Wednesday: Live class 4-6pm PST (9/22 - 11/17/21) 
  • Thursday: Optional Recovery Book Discussion Meeting (Not 12 Step) - 2-3pm PST (9/24 - 11/18/21) 
  • Friday: On the Mat with Tarini 7-8.20am PST Sunday: Optional Open All-fellowship 12 Step Meeting 8-9.15am PST (from 9/26) And more ….

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This course is part 1 of a 9-week series 

Unpacking the 6 Tenets of YoR: Two by Two
(2 Tenets at a Time)
Over this 9-week online series of Creative Self-Inquiry, look at the roots of our addictive behaviors. Treat the Roots not the Symptoms. It is the nature of humans to create narrative. As healers we allow the story to be told, listen deeply, then help re-weave the story.
Here are the 6 Tenets of YoR:
  1. Life is Longing
  2. Life is Prana
  3. Life is Relationship
  4. Life is Sweet
  5. Life is Love
  6. Life is Progress